Surveys are an incredibly valuable tool for our clients to better understand their audiences’ attitudes, opinions, and thought processes.


Over the past several decades, Alaska Survey Research has performed hundreds of quantitative research projects, ranging from short one or two question surveys to questionnaires up to half an hour in length.


We can and have worked with sample sizes as small as a single office and up to as large as 4,000 respondents. As technology and connectivity have advanced, so do our survey methods at ASR.


ASR’s research product can offer a varying degree of complexity, from projects that simply measure the frequency of results, to others that use sophisticated statistical techniques to evaluate causal relationships between variables.

analysis + reporting

Our team can report the results of the survey and develop a comprehensive document with demographics, graphic representations, and careful analysis.



We work hard to make sure the questions we write get straight to what we want to find out, as impartially as possible. Some research companies are happy to be paid to provide slanted information for their clients, who then use the results as propaganda for their cause. We refuse to conduct this kind of work.

Math Based Sampling

The goal is to make it so everyone in our population has an equal probability of being selected to participate in our studies. Do this right and the results you get will be exactly representative, matching the population you’re studying for key demographics like gender, age, ethnicity and party affiliation.

High quality fieldwork

The results our clients get are only as good as the quality of the interviewers doing our work. We have always considered this to be the highest priority. We use CATI fielding technology, maintain a low supervisor to interviewer ratio, monitor 20% of interviews as they are being conducted and conduct post-interview satisfaction follow-ups by text.

Cellphones, cellphones, cellphones!

We’ve been doing this work since before cellphones were a thing and have navigated the entire transition to nearly universal cell coverage. We have now reached the point where we include a minimal number of landlines in our general population samples.


Surveys are an incredibly valuable tool for our clients to better understand their audiences’ attitudes, opinions, and thought processes. The team at ASR is highly skilled at developing, conducting, and analyzing large quantities of data, and we are able to reach people across the state through our standing panel.

As an Alaskan firm we understand the difficulties of reaching groups in rural and remote areas, and we have developed ways to successfully mitigate these challenges.