Thank you for helping us with this project! 

A little over six months ago, you contacted the Alaska Tobacco Quit Line for help with quitting tobacco.  The purpose of this survey is to find out how things have gone for you, and to get feedback on how the Quit Line is doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why am I doing this study?
A:  We want to understand how satisfied people are with their experience getting services from Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line. We ask questions about whether specific parts of the Quit Line helped them, and if they have suggestions for how to do better. This information will be used to help improve Quit Line services.

Q:  Who is sponsoring this study?
A:  This study is sponsored by Alaska’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, which is part of the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. You can learn more about the state’s tobacco prevention efforts at Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control Program website:

Q:  Who is conducting this study?
A:  The state of Alaska is contracting with Alaska Survey Research (ASR) to contact people and collect data for the study. ASR has a long history of working in Alaska and doing research projects on many topics. To learn more about ASR you can visit Alaska Survey Research at:

Q:  How was I selected?
A:  We are contacting people who contacted Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line about 7 months ago for help with quitting tobacco. During enrollment in the service, our records show that you agreed we could contact you in the future as part of evaluating the services you received.

Q:  What if I don’t want to participate?
A:  Participating in this evaluation of the Quit Line is optional – you don’t have to do it. We will contact people up to 8 times as we try to get a good response rate for the evaluation study, but you do not have to respond.

Q:  How long is this study going?
A:  Our study goal is to reach 1,000 total people who have received services from Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line. We believe the study will continue through December 2023 in order to reach that goal.

Q:  Why should I take the survey?
A:  Sharing information about your experience and any suggestions you have for improvement will help us to improve the service. This means we can provide better help to people in Alaska.

Q: Do I get anything in return? 
A:  As a thanks for your time, you will be sent a $30 gift card for your choice of retailer including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others. Instructions for receiving your gift card are given at the end of the survey.

Q:  How long does the survey take?
A:  On average it takes about 15 minutes.

Q:  What questions will I be asked?
A:  The survey asks about how satisfied you were with different parts of the Quit Line services, and whether you are using any kind of tobacco products now. We also ask a few other questions that are relevant to your experience, like whether you talked to a healthcare provider about using the Quit Line, and whether you had trouble accessing online Quit Line services because of your internet coverage.  You can skip any questions that you don’t want to answer.

Q:  Is my information confidential?
A:  Yes. We used your name and contact information to reach out to you, because you agreed to be contacted in the future for an evaluation. But we do not share your contact information with anyone else, and we continue to protect your information and keep it confidential.  When you participate in the survey, your identifying information is removed and kept separate from the survey results, so that the answers you give cannot be linked to you personally.

Q:  Are my responses anonymous?
A:  Yes. All personally identifying information is removed from the survey data. Results from the evaluation will only be reported as combined numbers, so that no individual people can be identified.  We might use quotes from individual people in our reports, but any quotes would be anonymous – no person’s name would ever be included in any reports.

Q:  What are the choices for my $20 gift card?
A:  You can choose what store you want a gift card to: Amazon, Lowe’s, Walmart, Target, or Starbucks. Gift cards are sent by email and can be redeemed online, uploaded to an app or printed and used in the store.  If you prefer, you can also donate your $20 incentive to an Alaska non-profit related to health.

Q:  If I wasn’t able to quit before, can I get help from Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line with smoking or
using tobacco?

A:  Yes! Most people have to try more than one time to quit – and the Quit Line is here to help you 24 hours, every day. Contact the Quit Line by phone, online or by texting READY to 200-400.

Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line By phone:  1-800-QUIT-NOW 


You can also share information about the Quit Line with your friends or family – anyone living in Alaska can contact the Quit Line for free help to quit using tobacco or nicotine products. You can still get help from the Quit Line even if you don’t want to take the evaluation survey.