Employee Research


Satisfied employees are our most valuable resource. Conducting regular employee surveys is a must for any employer with more than 30 employees. Employee surveys conducted by Alaska Survey Research provide invaluable data about the dynamics of satisfaction in your workplace, and help identify the strongest satisfaction causalities at work.

ASR’s employee surveys are a powerful Employee Relations tool, in and of themselves. Employees appreciate the opportunity to have a say, and being listened to. When done right, employee surveys create a powerful communication feedback loop that increases satisfaction, improves retention and impacts your bottom line.

“We chose Alaska Survey Research to conduct a comprehensive employee survey at Cook Inlet Housing Authority because we wanted a professional product. We appreciated the time ASR invested to understand our specific concerns, explain applicable research concepts, and ensure appropriate follow-through on the project. ASR’s survey attained an extraordinary 95% employee response rate, and provided useful insights that will help drive our future decision-making.”
     – Carol Gore, CEO, Cook Inlet Housing Authority